Saw Experience

The scary Escape Rooms in Barcelona are a perfect experience to share and live a different experience with friends and family. Essentially, it consists of going to a room where you are locked up for a certain limited period of time, having to solve puzzles and tests to get out.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now imagine being inside a room trapped by traps created by a sociopathic maniac.

¡! Limited to those over 18 years of age (or over 16 years of age accompanied by at least one of their parents/guardians)


It is increasingly common to find Escape Rooms with various themes, and one of the most popular and valued by the public is usually fear, terror or tension.

So if you are a true horror fan and you want to have the opportunity to feel very scared, at the same time that you do something different and enjoy a good time with your friends, then you should visit the best Room Escapes in Barcelona, being SAW EXPERIENCE , from QUESTORY, one of them.

The novelty of scary Escape Rooms is that they require participants to begin each game with a large dose of not only courage, but also cold blood.

And avoiding fear is almost as essential as overcoming each test to survive.

Participants require all their concentration to be able to solve the puzzles and decipher the clues they find, only then will they be able to advance until they achieve success.


In other words, ingenuity, intelligence and especially a lot of composure, are the essential characteristics that players must have to avoid being scared when facing tests.

The theme of the Escape Room Saw Barcelona is especially based on one of the best-known sagas in the world of horror cinema and from QUESTORY, we give you the opportunity to enjoy it and live an experience that you will not forget as long as you live.

If you want to experience moments of pure adrenaline and terror, this room is ideal for you!

Saw Escape Room in Barcelona

In this Room Escape game room, you must have the ability not only to overcome the tests and solve the puzzles, you will also have to be able to overcome your fears to be able to stay alive until you achieve success and escape.
Faced with each challenge you must demonstrate your courage and cunning.

In our Escape Room Saw Barcelona, you have become a new Puzzle target, a sociopathic maniac, so when you wake up you find yourself in the middle of a game carefully designed to test yourself and find out if this experience will make you reborn or if on the contrary, You will be one of those who die trying to escape.

Do you want to be part of this new game? Show that although others failed, you have what it takes to succeed.

The Escape Room Saw Barcelona is exclusively designed for those people who, in addition to being of legal age, love terror and think even when under a lot of pressure, and do not scare easily.